25$ hour



Coach name

Overwatch Ana Coaching Overwatch Lucio Coaching Overwatch Soldier 76 Coaching Overwatch Sombra Coaching

Main heroes

ZERO coaching description

My name is Zero. I am an experienced overwatch booster.

How i do my lessons:

  • At first, i will need your POV video you want me to discuss with you.
  • Also we will do a short talk to see what is your goal from these lessons.
  • I'll be also asking what roles/heroes you'd like to be getting better at. By these I'll try to make the lesson as good as possible for you
  • By watching your live stream or POV i will talk you through what you can do that will make your game play better :)

Ratings by season:

  1. 77
  2. 4000
  3. 4400
  4. 4570

Game Knowledge: 100%
Ingame Attitude: 100%
Working in Overwatch boosting since 2 Season.