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Hello. I'm a semi-pro player with over 1 year game-expirience and in overwatch boost. (Started from the first week of closed beta.) Not only as a solo-q player but also as a competitive player with lot's of scrims against tear-2 teams and small LAN expirience. My rank on my main and alt-s usually around~4400-4500 sr.
I'm an off-tank main but i can help you improve your dps or support gameplay as well.

ALSO with me you can improve / learn new:

  • Basic game-mechanic moments/tricks
  • Overall situational awarness
  • Map flank-routes and short-cuts
  • Every hero viability and when to change it / Hero compostions and how to counter them
  • Game-mentality and how mind-set affect gameplay

And more!

You can choose any type of coaching but two bests are:
1) POV-review. We are wathching your pov together (you need to record it before we start. 20-30 mins on hero/heroes which you want to improve is enough) and talking about every situation where i see a better play or another option or i'll just give you usefull advices.
2) Question-Answer series while we both are in game-lobby.

We can mix this two as well.

Working in Overwatch boosting since 2 Season.